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Customized Trauma + Resilience Training or PD - Learn More

Are you looking for a shortened training or to cover a few topics from the 10 Steps to Create a Trauma-Informed Resilient School? Whether you are setting the foundation for a trauma-informed resilience focused school or taking a deeper dive into student behaviors we can support you!

Contact Michelle Wang or Megan Perry to discuss your customized training or professional development.

Trauma + Resilience for Health + Human Services - Learn More

Gain a deeper understanding of trauma-informed practices and resilience focused mindsets. Develop personally and professionally through engaging and interactive content.

Please contact Megan Perry, Regional Licensed Social Worker to schedule a date and time for your training.

Trauma & Resilience for Law Enforcement Officers - Learn More

There is a significant relationship between trauma and involvement with the legal justice system. The experience of trauma among people involved with the justice system is so prevalent it is now considered a universal experience (SAMHSA, 2018). Trauma is a predictor of delinquency, criminality, the severity of offenses, and the likelihood of re-offending. When officers have trauma-informed training –  they understand the impact trauma has on behavior and the importance of protective factors and partnerships to help bridge the gap between the significant needs of youth today and the number of caring adults who know how to support them.

Learning Objectives: Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand trauma, past + present exposure, as well as symptoms + reactions
  • Name the four main protective factors of resilient youth.
  • Describe how trauma impacts the deep and outer brain functions
  • Recall at least four proactive strategies to promote resilience
  • Express the concept of private logic and provide at least two examples of how private logic impacts behavior
  • Recognize at least 3 ways to collaborate with caregivers, family and community.
  • Recount the importance of self-care

Upon completion

Please contact Megan Perry, Regional Licensed Social Worker to schedule a date and time for your training.

Anxiety Management - Youth

Gain a better understanding of anxiety and how to assist youth experiencing anxiety, both proactively and during times of heightened anxiety. Use embedded tools during a small/large group lesson, as needed with individuals, or use this full presentation as your class material if it is applicable.

For Who:  Geared toward middle school & high school social educational support professionals, educators, health teachers, caregivers, or anyone interested in personal or professional growth for anxiety management.

1 hour presentation


Full Member: $95

Associate Member: $127

Non-Member: $158

Please contact Megan Perry, Regional Licensed Social Worker to schedule a date and time for your training.

Resilience Group Training

The Resilience Group Training provides a run-through of an 8 week Resilience Group for middle and high school students. The purpose of the group is for students to gain the experience of building emotional resilience through practical reflections, discussions, and activities.

For Who: Middle school & high school social workers, counselors, and educators ready to lead group discussions in the much needed area of “Resilience."


Full Member $95

Associate Member $127

Non-Member $158

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Program Manager

Megan Perry, Regional Licensed Social Worker

Megan is a Licensed Social Worker with a solution focused mindset. Megan joined Resource in 2022 focusing her efforts on personal and professional development and training in the areas of mental health, trauma, and resilience. She has worked in education since 2014, focusing on mental wellness and resiliency with both students and adults. Megan spent eight years as a high school social worker and also has experience working in vocational, day treatment, and residential programs. Designing and facilitating professional learning experiences that seek to deepen adults’ understanding of social and emotional skills allows her to blend her love of systems-thinking with human-centered endeavors and solutions.

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Contact Megan Perry, Regional Licensed Social Worker.


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