Guardian and Conservator Services

Resource Training & Solutions offers Guardianship and Conservatorship in Minnesota. We are court-appointed to provide Guardianship/Conservatorship services to an individual who is unable to make decisions for themselves. Our services are carried out with compassion, ethics,and respect to ensure the highest-quality of care for the individuals we serve.

Our Guardians and Conservators:

  • As guardian, make decisions with the individual’s best interest in mind and include the individual at the center of the decision-making to ensure the appropriate provisions are made for their care, comfort, and needs.
  •  As conservator, carefully monitor and manage the individual’s finances to include real estate and homestead affairs, checking & savings accounts, as well as any investments.

Person-Centered at the Core

Resource Training and Solutions supports and promotes Minnesota’s Olmstead Plan. In providing Guardianship and Conservatorship services, Resource Training and Solutions will promote the Olmstead Plan core principles to assure individuals:

  • Live close to their family and friends
  • Live more independently
  • Engage in productive employment
  • Participate in community life

Individuals under Guardianship and Conservatorship retain the right to make supported decisions about their life and the opportunity to contribute to their community. A person-centered approach is at the heart of our Guardianship and Conservatorship services. Each of our Guardian and Conservators receive high-quality, person-centered training to ensure the individuals we serve are able to live the fullest life possible.

Working Collaboratively

Our staff treats all professionals and service providers with respect and courtesy to enhance the working relationship between the provider, person and the guardian/conservator to provide the most benefit to the individual.

In addition to providing Guardianship and Conservatorship services, our team works with Counties to ensure best practices are met and high-quality services are delivered to those served. This allows constant communication, feedback, and collaboration between Resource, the assigned Guardian(s)/Conservator(s), and the Counties.

Ensuring the Highest Quality

Both regularly scheduled and random reviews of caseloads are conducted on an ongoing basis to assure quality control.

Bi-Annual review of 15%of cases under guardianship and/or conservatorship to assure the following are in compliance and meet agency standards:

  • Face-to-face contacts
  • Written, electronic and telephone contacts
  • Collateral contacts
  • Report quality and timeliness
  • Chronological case records
  • Court hearings
  • Application and adherence to policies, procedures, statutes and rules
  • Quality control
  • Asset management and controls

Annual review of 30% of cases under guardianship and/or conservatorship to address one randomly selected case element.

  • Unscheduled case reviews as needed.
  • Annual satisfaction surveys will be conducted with all persons under guardianship, their family and the social services agency.

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