Frequently Asked Questions

What does Resource do?

Resource Training & Solutions equips schools, cities, counties and other organizations with tools, service, and support that contribute to their success. Through a collaborative approach, Resource helps members enhance efficiency and achieve more together than they could do alone. Resource is a nonprofit organization and one of nine service cooperatives in Minnesota. Learn more.

What is a service cooperative?

A service cooperative is an agency that works within a geographic region to assist member organizations in meeting specific needs. Service cooperatives have a unique understanding of member strengths and needs and they use these insights to positively impact and improve outcomes.

How does Resource stay relevant?

Rsource is focused on listening to members and responding to community needs. We are driven to positively impact the people and communities we serve.

Who does Resource serve?

Resource works with central Minnesota school districts, cities, counties, governmental agencies, nonprofits, and the community.

Is Resource a nonprofit organization?

Yes. As a nonprofit public corporation and member-driven organization, we provide support services, training, and solutions that contribute to our members' success.

How long has Resource been around?

Resource was formed through state legislation to serve Pre K-12 education and first opened in 1976.