Contract Nursing

Resource Training & Solutions is now offering contract nursing services, with a Public Health Nurse. Available for consultation, vacation coverage, and services as listed below:

Vision & Hearing Screenings

School Vision & Hearing Screenings are the most practical approach to identifying children in need of further diagnosis and treatment of impairment. Early identification and treatment can prevent or alleviate many of the problems that can have a negative impact on language and speech development, academic performance, and overall well-being. Screenings were overshadowed by the COVID related tasks that school nurses took on during the pandemic. We are available to assist with getting these screenings completed, to get your students the best possible

Medication Administration Training

This training provides health services staff with a basic understanding of the procedures required to safely provide medications to students. Topics covered include medication orders, safe medication management, and basic administration of medications.

Emergency Medication Administration Training- Diastat/Epinephrine/Glucagon

More information coming soon!

Individual Health Plans & Emergency Care Plans

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Third Party Billing

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For more information on these services please contact

Amanda Lamecker, LSN

Regional Licensed School Nurse


Phone: (320) 267-4142