School Crisis Response Team

Our Purpose

Resource Training & Solutions offers immediate assistance through a Regional School Crisis Response Team in the event that your school experiences a traumatic event or serious loss. During these unforeseen circumstances we can provide information, support, and assistance to help restore the emotional well-being of your school.

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Who We Are

We are a team formed in partnership between school districts and Resource Training & Solutions. Our team has 50+ members across 9 counties of central Minnesota who are ready to deploy in their designated areas. We have specialized training in school crisis response which includes: the effects of trauma, signs and symptoms of distress, interventions, referral signs, debriefings, and team development. Team members are primarily school psychologists, social workers, counselors, administrators, nurses, and safety experts.

How it Works

Contact us when your school experiences a tragic event, school violence, a student or staff death due to accident, illness, or suicide. A single phone call will activate the team response. We assign an on-site Team Leader who will lead our coordinated efforts alongside your existing teams, under the designated administrator who maintains control of their building/district. The designated administrator will decide which services will be implemented to assist your school and community. Team members will arrive ready to support your request(s).

Services May Include:

  • Facilitate meetings/conversations with staff
  • Prepare internal and external announcements
  • Establishing and staffing comfort rooms
  • Assisting with security needs
  • Arranging parent/community meetings
  • Supporting students and staff
  • Individual or group counseling/debriefing sessions
  • Triage: Identify individuals who may require additional services
  • Psychological First Aid
  • Compassion/team fatigue: supporting adults/staff/admin/teams
  • Consultation regarding rituals/remembrances, etc.
  • Provide resources
  • Educational opportunities for students, staff, and community
  • Longitudinal planning for on-going support

Why Call Us

When there is a school tragedy, your staff may be profoundly impacted by the event and unable to provide the necessary support to themselves and their students. We deploy team members trained to respond, unattached to your district, and without strong emotional ties to the students or staff. This allows us to make decisions more objectively, and counsel groups and support individuals to assist in restoring the emotional well-being of the school.

Allow our trained professionals to assist and help you address the safety and mental health needs of students, staff, and families through response and recovery. Crisis events are sudden, uncontrollable, and extremely negative events. We are here to support you in times of need.

Michelle Wang, Education Director

Phone: (320) 492-6560


If unavailable, please contact

Megan Perry, Regional Social Worker

Phone: (320) 282-8843


Amanda Lamecker, LSN, Regional Licensed School Nurse

Phone: (320) 267-4142