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February 28, 2024

Quick Connect, Weekly Education Newsletter

In this edition of Quick Connect:

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Chewy's Concessions: A Trailblazing Venture in High School Entrepreneurship

Becker High School's Collaborative Initiative Fueled by Community Partnerships and an RTS Innovation Grant Revolutionizes Student Experience.

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Happy Public Schools Week!

Monday, February 26th - Friday, March 1st is National Public Schools Week. Let's come together this week to celebrate the dedicated educators who work tirelessly to inspire students and mold young minds across our region.

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Save the Date, and Save Your License!

Join the education department at Resource Training & Solutions on June 18 for a day of professional learning, focused on required relicensure topics. You'll meet all required areas within one day of learning! More information, including registration, is coming, but mark June 18 on your calendar now!

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