Cooperative Purchasing
June 13, 2024

Flinn Scientific is now on the CPC Contract!

For more than 45 years, we have been your partner in safe science. At, you will find everything you need to inspire and engage your students. From our lab supplies and instruments to our hands-on kits and rich digital content, everything we do is designed to save you time and help you deliver the best possible learning experience to your students, regardless of science discipline and wherever the learning may take place. We look forward to remaining your “go-to” source for all things science and safety for many years to come.

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CPC Member Benefits:

  • 10% off, and
  • Free shipping on orders over $100

You must use one of these reference codes: AEPA, CPC, or NDESC to secure contract benefits.

Flinn is in Express

Log into Express and browse Flinn’s extensive selection of products natively in Express or punch out to Flinn’s dedicated eProcurement experience. Products include 3D printers, chemicals, lab furniture, lab equipment, safety supplies, and a lot more.