Cooperative Purchasing
June 14, 2024

Electronic Buyback is on contract through Total Technology

Streamline your process by leveraging CPC’s Electronic Buyback contract! We conducted the competitive solicitation process on your behalf and awarded a contract to Total Technology.

Learn more about CPC’s Contract with Total Technology >>

Total Technology is a known industry leader that conducts a transparent, secure, and environmentally responsible process. They are active in Minnesota and specialize in buying back Chrome, Apple, and Windows devices.

Here’s how it works:


You can get a non-binding, pre-inspection estimate on your electronic device buyback providing you with a ballpark estimate of your devices’ value.

Free freight:

Packaging and shipping costs are included. This is important because, as you know, freight costs can vary wildly over time. Total Technology always covers 100% of the packing and shipping cost.


Total Technology provides:

  • Serialized reporting of your device inspection,
  • Serialized reporting on the testing of your devices, and
  • Serialized reporting on the wiping of device data.

Prompt payment:

A vendor’s history of consistent payment is important when you are trusting them with items of significant value.


Total Technology’s mission is to extend the lifecycle of technology. After all data has been wiped, your devices will be repurposed, recycled, or otherwise disposed of in a responsible manner.