Water Testing

Is your building water safe?

Lead testing: Why is it important?

A building’s water may contain higher than normal levels of lead. Occupants may experience many health problems, including disruption in every organ in the body—especially the brain—and even death. Agencies like the Minnesota Department of Health mandate that certain buildings have water testing. Starting in July 2018, all Minnesota public and charter schools must have water testing every five years. Resource Training & Solutions’ Health & Safety team can help keep your water safe. We offer lead-in-water testing at a very reasonable rate to make sure your facility is compliant with the Minnesota Department of Health standards. Samples are collected from every tap used for cooking and drinking and are tested for contamination.

Note: Building age is not a determinant of water safety. New buildings can have significant water contamination as stored water may pass through fountains and faucets that contain lead. Schedule water testing today!

$19 for 1-300 samples
$18 for 301-500 samples
$17 for 501-700 samples
$16 for 700+ samples

Prices valid until December 31, 2020