GMAX Testing and Field Safety

Is Your Artificial Turf Field Safe?

This is a question that should be asked on a regular basis to ensure that optimal field performance and safety standards are met. But how do you know? GMAX testing is one solution.

A GMAX test measures the impact attenuation of your artificial turf field. These tests measure
the amount of force exerted from the field back to an athlete. The less force absorbed by the
field, the higher the GMAX. Surfaces with a higher GMAX generally lead to an increase in
injuries. GMAX testing is essential for the improvement of the performance and safety of your
student-athletes. Monitoring your artificial turf field throughout its life is critical to ensuring that
it is operating the way it should.

We have coordinated to have GMAX testing done in our area for our members at a significantly
reduced cost compared to local competitors. It is a flat rate per field ranging from $550 to $750
depending on interest. Our next round of testing is slated to take place in May 2024.

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