Health & Safety
September 14, 2023

Streamline Access to Your School District's Safety Data Sheets with SDS Depot

We understand the paramount importance of swiftly and effortlessly retrieving and reviewing your Safety Data Sheets (SDS). Resource Training & Solutions SDS Depot is a powerful online tool designed to simplify the process of accessing and managing your SDS information.

SDS Depot boasts a comprehensive database that automatically updates with manufacturer revisions, ensuring that your SDS catalog remains current. Finding the information you require is a breeze, thanks to the option to refine your search by school building or department. You can also conduct a direct search to pinpoint the exact product you seek. Best of all, SDS Depot is accessible on any internet-enabled device.

SDS Depot Posters with QR Code

To enhance accessibility to your SDS catalog during emergencies, Resource Training & Solutions highly recommends that school districts integrate SDS Depot into their district website for staff convenience.  Additionally, we offer informative posters equipped with user-friendly directions for accessing SDS Depot by simply scanning a QR code. In the unpredictable environment of schools, preparedness is key – be ready for any situation that may arise with SDS Depot! Reach out to our team today for more information or if you would like us to get started on a quote.

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