Health & Safety
October 23, 2018

Resource Saves Chisago Lakes $12k

Wayne Warzecha was just doing his job by arming Resource members with good health and safety product information. But his advice delivered $12,000 in savings last year to Chisago Lakes School District.

It started with Warzecha sharing a new safety data sheet (SDS) management system with Steve Mikutowski, director of Building and Grounds. “I like to make members aware of what’s out there so they have good information upon which to base their decisions,” Warzecha said.

Resource developed SDS Depot so school districts like Chisago Lakes Schools can access and add chemical inventory data faster and more simply by using barcode scanning technology. Organizations can manage this data remotely from cell phones or other devices, and Resource staff uploads product inventories for them. The service is especially appealing for organizations that have specialized information divided by building within a multi-site system.

As a service cooperative, Resource offers this robust system at a fraction of the cost of other systems. “We wanted to make our system affordable for everyone because we knew other products were very expensive, especially for smaller districts and organizations,” said Scott George, director of Resource’s Health and Safety department.

When Chisago Lakes Schools made the switch to SDS Depot, Mikutowski appreciated how Resource made the transition smooth and easy. Resource members can rely on Resource’s health and safety team to provide forward-thinking solutions, guidance, and assistance at all levels. “The customer support Resource provides is very good,”says Mikutowski. “Josh Baumann is always quick to respond and Wayne helped transfer the SDS information into the new system. He trained staff to use the service.”

More Savings with Safe Schools™ Training

Chisago Lakes Schools not only switched to SDS Depot upon Warzecha’s suggestion, but also transitioned from a previously used safety training video series to Resource’s SafeSchools™ option. The larger subject selection and improved video production quality of the Safe Schools™ program impressed Mikutowski. He believes the quality of employee training materials make better impressions on district employees who must often learn information quickly during mandatory sessions.