March 16, 2020

Remote Learning Resources

Remote Learning Resources

Through the collaboration of our educational networks, the Central Lakes Regional Centers of Excellence team, and the staff at Resource Training & Solutions we have begun to build a list of remote learning resources that teachers, parents, and families can use with their children for daily learning and practice. As your central Minnesota service cooperative, we are here for you during these uncertain times.

Please continue to check back to this page as we will be frequently updating the list of resources! If you have educational resources that you would like to share please email them to Kaelan Nelson, Marketing and Communications Coordinator.

Important Documents:

Remote Learning Best Practices & Modes of Delivery:

Remote Learning Benefits & Key Findings:

Using Remote Learning Effectively:

6 Pillars of Distance Learning:

Schedules to Help Teachers & Families Transition to Remote Learning

Special Education:

Resources for Educators:

Reading & Writing
Other Content Areas
Online Quizzes
Online Platforms
Professional Development

Resources for Parents:

Guidance for working with Multilingual Learners

Social/Emotional Learning/Supports:

Remote learning resources provided by the Association of Educational Services Agencies (AESA) and Microsoft.

For regional support, visit our Region 7 Regional Support Team web page.