Health & Safety
September 14, 2023

Radon Testing in Schools

Are you taking the right steps to ensure the safety of your students and staff? Radon testing is an essential practice for both school and large buildings, as it plays a pivotal role in creating a healthier environment for all. Prolonged exposure to elevated radon levels can lead to severe health concerns, including the risk of lung cancer.

The team of Health and Safety professionals at Resource Training & Solutions can support you in all of your radon testing and mitigation needs.

  • Our team is licensed to conduct radon testing and mitigation in the state of Minnesota
  • Our services comply with the state’s ‘Radon Testing Plan'
  • Testing is conducted between November 1 and March 31

Identifying and addressing radon concerns ensures that your indoor spaces are secure, health-conscious, and conducive to learning, working, and thriving. Reach out to our team today for more information or if you would like us to get started on a quote!

Contact Wayne Warzecha Health & Safety Specialist at

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