October 21, 2018

Omada & Vitals SmartShopper

For the Long Run

Bethany Drake Makes Lasting Changes with Omada

Resource health insurance pool members have asked for tools that help them stay healthier and positively influence their health, so when Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota recently introduced the Omada program, Bethany Drake, Director of Operations and Program Development at Resource, decided to vet the program.

She wanted to see if Omada could help her reduce some of her own risk factors for developing Type 2 diabetes and heart disease and deliver value to Resource members.

Omada® motivates participants to make small, sustainable behavioral changes with online support and coaching and reports that participants should lose seven percent of their body weight on average over the 16-week program.

Drake first reduced her intake of refined, processed carbohydrates and replaced them with mostly plant-sourced carbohydrates. She also increased her protein consumption while remaining less rigid on the weekends.

When thinking about her newfound nutritional modifications, Drake assumed a “can-do” attitude, a philosophical change from past dieting “don’t-do” rules. “My mindset helped fuel early success, so that kept my motivation to continue on with the program high,” she said.

While Drake only got a taste of the program, she lost eight pounds in three weeks and found the coaching and small changes truly helpful in creating a major shift in her behavior patterns. “Omada is a well-designed program with easy-to-use technology tools,” she said.

Members of Resource’s insurance pool have access to two new program to help them improve their health and save money on healthcare. Omada and Vitals SmartShopper, rolled out by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, are available to school members starting October 1, 2018, and government and other nonprofit members starting January 1, 2019.

What is Omada?

Omada® is a 16-week digital lifestyle change program offered to qualifying members as well as their qualifying adult family members. This interactive program includes wireless smart scales, weekly online lessons, professional health coaching, and small group support that helps them reach the goals that matter most to them. The program’s approach focuses on reducing the risks associated with Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Targeted areas of change encompass eating, activity, sleep, and stress.

Participants learn the fundamentals of smart food choices, how to increase daily movement, break mental barriers to change, find lasting motivation, and make healthy choices for life.

Proven Results

Omada aligns with the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). Losing even seven percent of total body weight helps lower the risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes.

Connect with a Group

Assigned groups experience Omada together and the full website is available when your group begins the program.

Charting Progress

Participants receive digital scales that connect wirelessly to an account through a cellular network. Weigh-ins are transmitted to a private profile and reviewed by a health coach.

What is Vitals SmartShopper?

Vitals SmartShopper is a healthcare price searching and comparison reward program that gives consumers a cash incentive for choosing cost-effective healthcare options and supports an employer’s overall value-focused benefit strategy.

When your healthcare provider recommends a medical service, visit Vitals SmartShopper online or call a Vitals SmartShopper Personal Assistant to help you find high-value options in your area. Choose a service or procedure based on the information Vitals SmartShopper provides. Once your claim is paid, Vitals SmartShopper verifies that the service location qualifies for an incentive and triggers a reward payment to you.

Comparison Shop and Get Rewards

Cash rewards range from $50 for mammograms, $150 for CT scans, $500 for spinal fusions, and the list goes on. Procedures may cost more at one provider versus another, but higher prices don’t always buy better care.

Earn Cash

If you choose a less expensive, qualifying procedure, you could be rewarded with cold, hard cash.

Easy Scheduling

Assistants can help you schedule procedures or move a doctor’s authorization.