June 4, 2024

My Health Rewards by Medica®

My Care Checklist

My Care Checklist makes it easy to stay on top of your health care. Sign in to your My Health Rewards account, go to the “Health” tab, and use My Care Checklist to get friendly reminders when it’s time for an appointment, screening, or checkup.

Reminder: Step it Up to a Better You challenge

It’s time to make a change in your life and reinvent yourself! All it takes are a few lifestyle changes to improve your physical and emotional health. The process starts with you, so let’s take the first step together. Are you ready?

Registration Dates: June 1 - 12
Challenge Dates: June 10 - 24

Sign in to your My Health Rewards account to join.

Offered exclusively to members of the MHC / Resource Training & Solutions health insurance pool. For more information contact Brittani Daniel, Director of Insurance & Wellness at

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