June 13, 2023

My Health Rewards by Medica

My Care Checklist

My Care Checklist makes it easy to stay on top of your health care. Sign in to your My Health Rewards account, go to the “Health” tab, and use My Care Checklist to:

  • Get friendly reminders. Receive a nudge when it’s time for an appointment, screening, or checkup.
  • Earn rewards. Earn points for completing a health care activity.
  • Find support. From benefits to conditions, certified health coaches are here to help.

Join the Rewire Stereotypes (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Healthy Habit challenge (Employees/Contract holders)

Did you mentally challenge a stereotype you thought about today? Track this daily during the My Health Rewards Healthy Habit challenge June 12 - 18.

This piece of content is provided by the Minnesota Healthcare Consortium and Medica.

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