Educational Professionals

Meaningful Work Award

It’s too expensive, too hard, or takes too much time.

These are just some of the reasons people give for not pursuing educational goals, according to Associate Director of Enrollment Management, Katie Wayne, at St. Scholastica’s St. Cloud campus. “Busy working people can find many reasons not to go ahead and get that next degree that might propel them to the next professional level,” she says. “But educational advancement opens many doors.”

That’s why Resource Training & Solutions and St. Scholastica are partnering to ease college costs.

Resource and St. Scholastica are both in the business of providing exceptional educational opportunities to busy professionals. Both seek to empower people to do their best work and make a positive difference in the world. The organizations’ aligned mission and values go beyond philosophical outlook and mere words.

St. Scholastica established the Meaningful Work Award to help professionals—employed by organizational partners like Resource—seek educational advancement outside of a traditional college timeline. Eligible Resource members may apply for a 10% tuition discount for St. Scholastica courses and programs included under the award.

St. Scholastica caters to working adults and offers a wide range of on-campus and online undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs to students in various stages of professional life.

Several Resource members and employees have already taken advantage of the Meaningful Work Award to reduce tuition costs as they pursue advanced studies in teacher licensure and business management—a couple of the options available. “It’s a win-win if employees learn and grow within their organizations,” Wayne says.

Resource Training & Solutions and The College of St. Scholastica continue to work together to open doors for central Minnesota professionals through educational opportunities and meaningful work that has the power to change the world—one degree at a time.

Resource members can learn more about the Meaningful Work Award here, or call Katie Wayne at (218) 625-4805.