Educator Networking
April 14, 2021

Making Connections to Share, Learn, and Grow Together

Resource Training & Solutions is proud to take the lead on helping regional educators make connections through our 12 educational networks. We sat down with two members of our CCN/DAC Network to hear their thoughts on the networking opportunities at Resource.

After 18 years of teaching English in a small rural school district, Amy Notch decided to take an administrative position as the Director of Student Achievement in Milaca. “This was a new role for me and the school district.” In her new role, Amy was responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of district-wide curriculum, assessments, and professional staff development programs. Generally, school districts in greater Minnesota only have one person on staff in this role. Amy found herself wanting to connect with others who work with curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

“A friend of mine who works in a similar role told me to look into the Curriculum Coordinator and District Assessment Coordinators (CCN/DAC) network at Resource Training & Solutions.” This opportunity was exactly what Amy was looking for. “It was such a relief to be able to connect and collaborate with a group of individuals who had far more experience than me and were able to help guide me as I transitioned into my new role.”

"I am so thankful for the partnership our district has with Resource Training & Solutions."

Minda Anderson, Assistant Superintendent, Becker School District

Currently, Amy is the Director of Teaching and Learning at the Albany School District and an active member of the CCN/DAC network. “When I first started attending the network, it was one of the only networks offered at Resource Training & Solutions. It is amazing to see the variety of networking opportunities that are now available. I can’t imagine doing my job without the support of my fellow peers. The networks provide a wealth of information and ideas that oftentimes have been vetted in other districts. It allows us to crowdsource each other's schools with innovative ideas and best practices.”

Today, Resource Training & Solutions is proud to take the lead on helping regional educators make connections to share, learn and grow with each other. By listening to the needs of their members, Resource has developed and launched 12 educational networks. Minda Anderson, Assistant Superintendent at Becker School District and an active network member shared, “I am so thankful for the partnership our district has with Resource. We can’t all be experts at everything, but we can learn from each other's strengths. That is why these networks are such a valuable resource. It’s a place for us to come together, collaborate, and grow.”

Questions About Resource Training & Solutions Networks

How often do networks meets?

  • The frequency of network meetings depends on the network. Our CCN/DAC network meets almost monthly, while some of our other networks meet every other month.

How long are network meetings?

  • The length of our network meetings depend on the network and if the meeting is in person or virtual. Some of our in-person network meetings are 4 hours in length, with lunch provided. Our virtual network meetings are one hour. 

How are network meetings structured?

  • All of our networks have agendas that are collaboratively created by the network members. We begin the meeting with a Resource update and then focus on the questions and needs of the group.

What is typically shared during network meetings? 

  • Our network meetings are an opportunity to share successes and opportunities for growth. What is something you’re stuck on at the moment? What is something that worked really well for your classroom, school, or district? Occasionally, networks will also invite a guest speaker to provide professional development.

For more information visit our Educator Networking section of our website or contact Michelle Wang, Education Director at Resource Training & Solutions.