November 1, 2021

Honoring 31 Years of Outstanding Service

Jeannette Kester has served on the Resource Training & Solutions’ Board of Directors since July 1, 1990! For 31 years Jeannette has been a fierce advocate for public education throughout central Minnesota. She has always been someone you can count on for keen insight and sound judgment on any topic. Her knowledge and commitment have been and continue to be a steward and beacon for quality education. Jeannette’s outstanding service and dedication to the service cooperative cannot be understated or over appreciated.

On Thursday, October 29, Jeannette was recognized with the Outstanding Service Award at the Minnesota Service Cooperatives Annual Board of Directors Conference in Alexandria. The Outstanding Service Award is awarded to those who exercise leadership, support the regional delivery system, contribute to the Board of Directors’ work, and advance the goals and philosophies of the Minnesota Service Cooperatives. They embody the spirit of cooperation and apply that to their roles at their service cooperative.

The Minnesota Service Cooperatives is a Joint Powers organization comprised of nine educational service agencies. The MSC performs planning on a regional basis and assists in meeting specific needs of school districts, cities, counties, and other local governments geographically distributed across the state.

Jennette Kester (left side, front row) was recognized with an Outstanding Service Award by the Minnesota Service Cooperatives at the organization’s annual conference in Alexandria.