Educational Professionals
March 25, 2022

Growing Regional Resilience

Resource Training & Solutions partners with CentraCare’s Bounce Back Project to support educator well-being across central Minnesota

Resource Training & Solutions’ mission is to support members through innovation and collaboration. Creatively developing solutions and working in partnership with our members, along with business partners, is what feeds our souls. That said, we are thrilled to announce a collaboration with CentraCare’s Bounce Back Project: Bouncing Back, a Regional Resiliency Project. Our partnership with CentraCare, along with funding from MDH, is allowing us to hire a Health Services - Education Manager and two Regional Health and Wellness Coordinators to support educator well-being within our region. We are proud of the school staff and licensed educators within our central Minnesota region and it’s time to support your well-being so you can continue doing what you do so well - supporting our students.

The Bounce Back Project offers programs, tools, and exercises to help people increase their happiness and strengthen their resilience since 2015. Melissa Pribyl is the Community Health & Wellness Specialist for CentraCare’s Bounce Back Project. Melissa and her team will work closely with Resource staff on building resilience in schools through the incorporation of the Bounce Back Project Five Pillars of Resilience:

  • Self Awareness
  • Mindfulness
  • Self Care
  • Positive Relationships
  • Purpose

By strengthening these pillars, educators become more resilient. Providing them with tools to navigate challenges encountered in life. Obtaining and maintaining these skills takes practice. We look forward to supporting our members as they grow these skills and we work to build regional resilience within central Minnesota schools.

Be sure to watch for further information in the upcoming weeks!