Cooperative Purchasing
March 1, 2021

Express Online Marketplace Has A New Look

Shopping in Express has gotten a lot easier! Log in and take a look at the new Guided Search section. By clicking on the Guided Search tile it will bring up the Product Tiles showing the most popular products within a category. Clicking on a Product Tile will run a search in Express for those products. It’s just that easy!

For the Express power users out there, take a look at the new How to Shop Express page. You can share the information on this page with your team to help everyone procure as efficiently as possible.

Check our this great video from Express that shows off the new look! Click here to watch!

Remember: Express is adding an additional way for you to search their catalog. If you’d like, you can still search for products just as you do now. Clicking the carat (^) to the top right of the Guided Search tiles will hide those tiles and restore Express’ old look. Express anticipates no disruption to your business from this update.