Cooperative Purchasing
March 23, 2023

CPC is here to help you save time, effort, and money!

Here's how we do it: CPC engages in the expensive, time-consuming competitive solicitation process on your behalf and then provides the awarded contracts to your organization to leverage! We stay focused on providing contracts that meet both your current and future needs so our contract portfolio is always relevant. And we keep your public dollars working for you in multiple ways:

  • Your regional vendors are supported in our contract portfolio right alongside large, national vendors
  • A dedicated team of public, nonprofit procurement professionals support your procurement goals
  • Fees charged to CPC vendors support your service cooperatives, enabling them to provide more services back to you

The CPC Team will help you through procurement decisions, steer your team to the appropriate vendor, teach your team how to shop our online marketplace Express like pros, and work to ensure that your organization’s experience with cooperative purchasing is a successful one!

Reach out to CPC! Email us at or call us at 888-739-3289. We love hearing from our members!