Cooperative Purchasing
June 13, 2023

CPC Paper Program

CPC’s 2023 Paper Program is now live! This year our friends at the Cooperative Purchasing Connection will be offering Boise X-9 and Xerographic brands for white copy paper as well as miscellaneous white papers!

There are two ways to order:

Deadline: July 14th.

All orders must be returned to CPC – whether through Express or by email – to guarantee pricing.

Process This Year for Colored Paper:

Order by the ream through Innovative Office Solutions or School Specialty

  • Options include Pastel, Neon/Brights, Cover  
  • Does not qualify towards the white paper 40 cases/1 pallet minimum  

 Order Colored Paper  

  • On Express
  • Directly with Innovative Office Solutions (IOS). Need an IOS account? Contact customer service at 866-574-5389 or and reference Contract #20.8-OFS
  • Directly with School Specialty. Need a School Specialty account? Contact customer service at 1-888-388-3224 or and reference Contract # AEPA 023-D

Full details for ordering both White and Colored paper are available in the Cooperative Purchasing Connections online 2023 Paper Catalog.

Paper Questions: Call 888-739-3289

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