Cooperative Purchasing
June 24, 2022

Cooperative Purchasing Connection

From classroom supplies to building infrastructure to technology, Cooperative Purchasing Connection (CPC) has the products and services that you’ll need this year.

CPC has already engaged in the competitively sealed solicitation process (aka “gone out to bid”) for the things that help your school, agency, or nonprofit function on a daily basis. CPC awards contracts to responsive vendors that provide great discounts and additional value to members and, because we go out to bid on our members’ behalf, our members get to purchase off of those contracts at no cost to themselves! Leverage CPC’s contracts and the CPC Team in the early, middle, and late stages of your project planning to make the most out of your budget this year!

Early Stage: The CPC Team will connect your architect or project management team with CPC vendors that architects and project managers often reference when creating specifications for your project. When your team moves forward with vendors on the CPC contract, you can often avoid going out to bid on products supplied by those vendors. Some CPC Vendors also provide perks like free design services as a CPC member benefit, further saving your money for other aspects of your project!

Middle Stage: After the design of your project has been set, connect with the CPC Team or directly with CPC Vendors to find the best pricing and value-adds for your project. Value-adds may include extended warranties, preferred subcontractors, volume discounts, etc.

Educators often engage with CPC at this stage because they frequently know what they want; they just need guidance in getting the best discount while staying in compliance with state procurement laws.

Late Stage: When you are ready to transact, connect with CPC vendors to secure a quote that reflects contract pricing and additional perks like free shipping. You can also use the Express Online Marketplace to quickly purchase commodities. Prices found in Express reflect CPC’s contract pricing.

Review CPC’s full portfolio of contracts at to get an idea of how CPC can help you move forward on your project and make the most of your budget!

CPC’s portfolio of contracts include the following categories and we’re always growing:

  • Athletics and Physical Education
  • Books
  • Classroom
  • Copiers and Printers
  • Facilities and Grounds
  • Fleet
  • Food and Kitchen Supplies
  • Furniture
  • Health and First Aid
  • Office
  • Professional Services
  • Security and Safety
  • Software
  • Technology

See the full list of contracts at

Connect directly with the CPC Team by calling 888-739-3289 or emailing us at We love hearing from our members!