Cities and Counties
March 25, 2022

City Services

Resource Training & Solutions strives to provide services for cities that cities actually want and need.

We offer health insurance through the MN Healthcare Consortium, including but not limited to, small group coverage as well as Health Savings Account (HSA) administration. HSA administration is available to participants of our insurance program as well as those outside of our pool, seeking an administrator. We also offer health and safety consultations and planning, cooperative purchasing through the Cooperative Purchasing Connection, and financial and technical services for administrative and financial staff.  

SPOTLIGHT: Financial & Technical Services

We’ve heard from cities all over the state that training for new City Clerks and Clerk-Treasurers is a necessity. While there are great annual opportunities available through the League of MN Cities and the MN Clerks and Finance Officers Association, Resource is the only program in the state that offers on-site personalized training that is available year-round.

The City Clerk and Clerk-Treasurer roles are big ones – they encompass A LOT of duties, deadlines, and rules. It’s hard to keep it all straight. We want to be a Resource for you!

“The Service from Resource was a blessing! I couldn’t of asked for a better trainer. Resource helped relieve my stress and gave me the tools to excel in my role as City Clerk.”
- City Clerk - Clarissa, MN

We know how beneficial an extra set of eyes on your important documents is, as well as having someone to consult with for opinions and insight. From bank reconciliations to payroll and records retention, our services are available to you. We can assist you with one-time projects, ongoing duties, as well as temporary coverage during leaves of absence.

Planning is essential! Stay up-to-date with statutory deadlines by utilizing the League of MN Cities Calendar of Important Dates. Make sure to look ahead in order to prioritize upcoming deadlines and duties.

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