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January 31, 2024

Quick Connect, Weekly Education Newsletter

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Registration is now open for PREPaRE 1

This 1-day workshop provides school mental health professionals, administrators, security officers, and other educators knowledge and resources important to establishing and sustaining comprehensive, ongoing school safety and crisis prevention, mitigation, and preparedness.

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Third Party Reimbursement for Nursing Services on an IEP

This FREE presentation will describe the big picture role of the school nurse in accessing funding for nursing services on an IEP, including how time and effort impacts Third-Party Reimbursement (TPR), utilizing best practices for the billing process, and reviews guidance from state statute, MDE and DHS.

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Fee-Based Communication Services

Build stronger community relationships by recognizing your most impactful stories and telling them effectively through strategic counseling and strategic communication. Accomplish your goals while educating your audiences and motivating them to respond to your call to action.

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