Teacher Externship Program


Minnesota employers are increasingly calling for skilled workers. During 2021, private sector jobs increased by 5.3%, while public sector jobs rose by 2.7%. In July and August, manufacturers added nearly 6,000 jobs alone - the highest growth in 30 years! Many are struggling to find talent.

Central Minnesota business partners have also identified “soft skills” - non-technical skills such as communications, attendance, work ethic, math and computer/technology skills as essential qualities needing support systems. It is imperative that our education system partner with area businesses to create relevant connections between classroom content and students’ future career interests.

Project Description

The purpose of the Teacher Externship Program is to bring career-based classroom curricula to life, while building a bridge between skill-based and knowledge-based education. Through this unique professional development opportunity, middle and high school teachers from the Resource Training & Solutions region will be selected to work side-by-side with an industry peer during a 3 to 5 day paid summer externship at a participating central Minnesota business.

Benefits to Teachers: 

  • Gain first-hand knowledge of how classroom content and learning strategies are applied in the workplace.
  • Receive professional development support to create lesson plans linking externship learning to student academic and career planning.
  • Enhance classroom curriculum with real-world career connections.
  • Earn optional graduate credits through College of St. Scholastica.

Benefits to Employers:

  • Create lasting partnerships with local teachers.
  • Ensure workforce needs are understood.
  • Increase exposure, through personal connections to classroom teachers, to the future workforce.
  • Increase opportunities for additional career-based activities such as student job shadowing, plant tours, and career speakers.
  • Directly contribute to sustaining a more highly-skilled workforce.

How to Apply

As the main component of the Resource Training & Solutions Teacher Externship Program, middle or high school teachers employed by a Resource Training & Solutions’ full member district, will be selected to work side-by-side with industry peers during a 3-5 day paid summer externship experience at participating central Minnesota businesses (based on externship program availability).

Steps for Application Process: 

  1. Review the Externship Opportunities we offered this summer!
  2. Decide which one or two externships you'd like to apply for
  3. Visit the Teacher Externship application form - Check back in 2024
  4. Complete the form, including a statement of what you want to accomplish by participating and the relationship of the externship to your professional responsibilities and academic and career planning goals
  5. Attach your Resume detailing your educational qualifications and professional experience and a letter of recommendation from a building or district administrator, addressing why you would be considered a quality candidate for the externship program and how your district will support new education business relationships beyond the externship experience
  6. Make sure you are available for the three required professional development dates (June 7th, August 1, August 17) led by the Resource Training & Solutions staff


May 2024 - All TEP applications are due

June 2024 - Applicants will be informed of a match

June 2024 - Deadline for chosen applicants to accept the externship invitation

Businesses We Need You!

Resource Training & Solutions is seeking businesses for the Teacher Externship program.

Application - CLICK HERE

For More Information

Alison Orgaard, CTE Manager


(320) 266-5640

2023 Teacher Externship Program Brochure - CLICK HERE

Updated 09/23/2023