Health Insurance Pool

Join a health insurance pool with statewide power and local control. Through Resource Training & Solutions you can reduce your risk and costs while providing the freedom to select the doctor and health plan of your choice. We work diligently to contain costs. Over the past five years, the average annual increases in member’s premiums has been less than three percent. And we never stop looking for ways to improve.

What’s new?

  • Statewide risk pool under the name Minnesota Healthcare Consortium (MHC)
  • Rating methodology to provide more stability with lower pooling limits for catastrophic claims and blending claims with averages to stabilize medium and small groups
  • Renewal delivery process and timeline
  • Emerging networks and plan design options
  • Robust set of consumer tools and wellness programs (link to Wellness)

Why a pool?

  • Regional pool rate discretion and reserves
  • Group control of benefit design with opportunity to adopt alternate plans to off-set healthcare inflation
  • Dedicated Blue Cross and Service Cooperative teams
  • Assistance available in mandatory bid years
  • Exclusive and innovative medical savings accounts with Further (formerly Select Account)
  • Customized wellness programs with grant funding available
  • Education and resources available on best practices

Who’s involved? 

There are more than 400 organizations with over 65,000 members statewide participating in the Minnesota Healthcare Consortium. Resource Training & Solutions, together with other participating service cooperatives from across the state, negotiate statewide stop-loss pricing, administrative discounts, and lower healthcare costs as a consortium.