CTE Mini Grants

Resource Training & Solutions has partnered with seven other educational service cooperatives and the Minnesota Department of Education to support rural CTE (Career & Technical Education) initiatives within our nine-county region.

Service Area:

To be eligible for funding, schools must be full members of Resource Training and Solutions and their local Perkins Consortium.


Grants up to $3000 are available to individuals working for a school, along with business and higher education partners, on improving CTE initiatives listed in the goal activities on a rolling application cycle. Preference is given to licensed Minnesota teachers seeking CTE licensure or those working directly with employers on teacher externships within their community.

Types of Projects:

Mini-grant funds can be used to develop job shadowing programs, acquire CTE licensure, internships, apprenticeships, summer camps, weekend career experiences, industry tours, comprehensive career guidance programs, new CTE courses, teacher externships, or other innovative ideas that advance CTE.

Grant Criteria:

All projects must include at least one high school and one business and/or higher education partner. They must help address local and regional labor market needs. Students must have hands-on learning opportunities and the project must be sustainable after the first year of mini-grant funding.


  • Applications must be submitted by the end of each month for consideration.  
  • Grant review and selection of successful applicants will be looked at on the last day of each month. Notifications will follow.
  • All funds must be spent before June 30, 2024.
  • Submit your application today, CTE Mini-Grant Application Link >>>

Contact Patrick Walsh, Resource Training & Solutions CTE Consultant, pwalsh@resourcecoop-mn.gov if you have questions or want to discuss your project idea.