December 16, 2022

Special Projects, Testing, and Mitigation

Our highly trained staff can help you with all of your environmental projects. Whether you need testing or mitigation, the Resource Training & Solutions' health and safety team can help. We offer assistance in many areas, including:

  • Asbestos: all AHERA inspections, management planning, surveillances, abatement projects, and testing
  • Demolition: complete or partial building, site clearance, and compaction testing
  • Emergency projects: design and management of short notice environmental work
  • Environmental project design and management
  • Haz-Mat: hazardous material inspections, inventories, removal, and disposal
  • Indoor Air Quality: assessment, testing, mitigation, clearance, and HVAC services
  • Lead sampling, inspection, surveillance, and abatement projects
  • Mold testing and remediation
  • Radon: monitoring, testing, and mitigation
  • Storage Tanks: above and below ground tanks, testing, removal, and contamination remediation, including petrofund work and replacement

Contact Josh Baumann, Project Coordinator to inquire about your specific needs!