Health & Safety
December 20, 2023

Special Projects, Testing, and Mitigation

Our highly trained staff can help you with all of your environmental projects. Whether you need testing or mitigation, the Resource Training & Solutions' health and safety team can help. We offer assistance in many areas, including:

  • Asbestos: all AHERA inspections, management planning, surveillances, abatement projects, and testing
  • Demolition: complete or partial building, site clearance, and compaction testing
  • Emergency projects: design and management of short notice environmental work
  • Environmental project design and management
  • Haz-Mat: hazardous material inspections, inventories, removal, and disposal
  • Indoor Air Quality: assessment, testing, mitigation, clearance, and HVAC services
  • Lead sampling, inspection, surveillance, and abatement projects
  • Mold testing and remediation
  • Storage Tanks: above and below ground tanks, testing, removal, and contamination remediation, including petrofund work and replacement

Contact Josh Baumann, Project Coordinator to inquire about your specific needs!