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January 17, 2024

ECLDS + SLEDS Coaching Network

Utilizing Data to Inform and Plan for Current and Future Learners

Minnesota operates two statewide longitudinal data systems, SLEDS and ECLDS, which combine population information from various state agencies and organizations into a tool that facilitates local data reporting. We collaborate with districts and organizations to refine your data, enhancing its utility in better serving your communities.

Introducing data analysis into decision-making can pose challenges for some organizations. The Minnesota P-20W has established an extended Regional Coaching Network to provide personalized assistance to stakeholders. The network closely collaborates with ECLDS and SLEDS users, addressing technical issues that some may encounter when applying data for educational, regional analysis, and career planning purposes.

Expertise Activities:

  • Training state, local, and partnering agency staff
  • Coordinating data analysis activities in partnership with the state, school districts, and communities
  • Assisting with data-based planning and program evaluation
  • Developing products and services to enhance user experience, guided by ECLDS and SLEDS coordinators
  • Facilitating projects with external partners
  • Incorporating feedback to improve products and services
  • Overseeing special regional studies on education, college, and career planning
  • Coordinating and conducting original education data analysis
  • Serving as an expert resource to education stakeholders and partner agencies
  • Assessing education research and information resource needs
  • Responding to requests for information and analysis
  • Representing ECLDS and SLEDS at regional meetings

Meet Your Regional Data Coach:

The ECLDS+SLEDS Regional Coaching Network comprises regional data coaches who proactively collaborate with local schools, districts, colleges, and workforce agency staff to assess local needs and promote the use of ECLDS and SLEDS data in policymaking and program decisions.

If you are new to ECLDS and SLEDS or need assistance with data analytics, school districts located in Resource Training & Solutions service region (Region 7E) can contact our Regional Data Coaches:

Alison Orgaard, CTE Manager


Amanda Lamecker, Regional Licensed School Nurse*


*ECLDS Specialist

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