April 30, 2020

Custom Training for You!

Professional development is a term used to describe a variety of learning or training opportunities that help improve professional knowledge, competence, skill, and effectiveness. We believe professional development is an investment in yourself and your organization. Resource Training & Solutions provide the communities we serve with a variety of professional development and custom training offerings. Our team of professional trainers work with members to achieve the goals of each individual organization by providing an active learning environment that allows participants to master specific learning objectives.


Martha Roth is the Member Care Coordinator at Resource Training & Solutions. Martha has been designing and delivering professional development courses for members since 2004. “The thing I love most about providing professional development is seeing and hearing peoples AHA moment. The moment they see that the people they serve and work with are humans who have needs. Whether it is their customers or co-workers. I am not teaching a highly technical skill but more of an awakening of the heart. Showing people that every person that comes to you for service has rocks hidden in their shoes that we can't always see. I think one of the things I hear a lot after my trainings is the reminder of the need for empathy in the workplace.” Martha provides training on a variety of topics, some of the more popular are: CliftonStrengths, customer service, communication, and stress management. 

This past year Martha has been working with the St. Croix River Education District (SCRED). Last July she provided SCREDs office managerial staff coaching on CliftonStrengths. In August she presented to the whole staff on CliftonStrengths training and in December on customer service training. The intended plan was to proceed with training this May on stress management; due to the unforeseen circumstances of the COVID-19 outbreak, this training has been pushed to a later date.

“This has been a challenging time for all of us, I think the work we did earlier this year has been very helpful to our staff as we work through the current situation,” Suzanne Hischer, Business Manager, SCRED. “With our staff working remotely, we are all relying heavily on our own personal strengths more than ever. Knowing what our strengths are can help us focus on the positives and give ourselves some grace in the areas we struggle.”

CliftonStrengths coaching and training provide organizations the tools and insights they need to build a strengths-based culture. “Our Excitive Director has done a great job of implementing the things we learned through the CliftonStrength training into our organization,” Kelly Christensen, Administrative Assistant for Instructional Services, SCRED. “In recent months we have seen some restructuring within our organization to better utilize everyone’s strengths within their positions.” Kelly also spoke to the benefits the training has had to their team, “it helped us build a better understanding of one another and how we work best.”

“As a receptionist, customer service plays a huge role in what I do. Resource’s customer service training was a great refresher for our team.” Carol Grund, Receptionist, SCRED. Resource’s customer service training focuses on treating customers well, answering questions, and exceeding expectations. This approach helps organizations engage customers and build strong relationships. “Martha spoke about providing our customers with the same service we would expect to receive. Whether that be speaking to a customer over the phone or in-person it’s imperative that you actively listen and show respect to your customers.” 

Let us help you become more effective, productive, and less stressed in your professional life. We will work with you to design custom training that fits your organizations’ needs. Resource Training & Solutions is committed to investing in the communities we serve and helping people meet the challenges of work and life. Here is a list of suggested training topics, but we always want to hear about your specific organizational needs and goals so we can work to serve you best.

  • Customer Service with a Heart
  • Discovering Your Strengths
  • Communication
  • Stress Management
  • Microsoft 
  • Google 
  • Apple Basics
  • Accessibility

Currently, we are only able to conduct professional development and custom training sessions online. 

For more information or to schedule training, contact Michelle Wang at (320)255-3236 ext. 317 or fill out our customized training inquiry form.