This conference is held each October and is targeted for students in grades 7-8

In addition to a dazzling keynote address, students are able to attend three different sessions, all science and nature related. These sessions are taught by experts in their field. This conference is designed to encourage students to experience, appreciate, and become stewards of the natural environment through presentation and hands-on learning. The five key components are:

  • Knowledge: Gain a variety of experiences in and acquire a basic understanding of the environment.
  • Awareness: Gain awareness and sensitivity to natural processes and issues concerning sustainability, preservation and conservation of the environment.
  • Attitude: Acquire values and concerns for the environment and motivation for actively participate in environmental improvement and protection.
  • Skills: Learn about the environment through hands-on participation
  • Participation: Work towards solving and improving the environment both individually and as a community member.

This year ProjectEARTH will look a little different. Since we cannot bring you out to nature to explore, we will be bringing environmental science to you through various live and recorded learning sessions. Just a few of the session topics will include a Virtual Trip to BWCA, Journaling like a Naturalist, and the Bison of Minnesota. With presenters coming from around the state, there are a variety of topics that are sure to pique your students' interest.  Conference sessions and materials are geared towards middle school science students and will be great for in class activities, distance learning at home lessons, or an enrichment activity for your students in person or at home.

ProjectEARTH provides students extensions beyond the curriculum. With an all virtual conference, there is no limit on the number of students who can participate from your school. One district level sign up will give access to any teachers or students within your district who want to participate.

Launch Dates: October 26th - October 30th 

  • Live Sessions will occur throughout the week.  Specific session dates & times to follow.
  • Schools will have access to all learning materials & recorded sessions until Jan. 2021

For more information on ProjectEARTH 2020:

ProjectEARTH 2020 Save the Date

ProjectEARTH 2020 Registration Information

Contact Kelsey Harps, Education Manager, for more information.