Internship Program

Resource fosters workforce recruitment and development in local government.

Our new internship program for central Minnesota cities and counties in service cooperative Region 7 promotes career opportunities for college students and helps nurture the next generation of local government employees. Resource assists cities and counties by reducing the financial challenges of internship hosting through funding and collaboration with the Minnesota statewide service cooperatives.

Interns may serve in meaningful ways throughout the community by offering administrative support, public works assistance, help with social services, and more. They can provide local agencies with expanded staffing capabilities, fresh perspectives, and support in specialized areas associated with finance, business, psychology, social work, and criminal justice—while gaining experience that prepares them for careers in local government.

Students majoring in public administration or political science are, of course, ideal candidates for the internship program, but other major areas of study also align well with this opportunity: nursing, accounting, economics, international relations, sociology, marketing, art, graphic design, or studies in an administrative assistant degree program.

Program Details

Resource reimburses 50%of the internship wage (up to $6 per hour), for 40 hours per week for the duration of the internship within a semester.

Qualifying participants must be full-time students at a post-secondary higher educational institution for the duration of the internship.

Agencies may find candidates through local and regional colleges and by contacting department chairs for recommendations. Visit the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MNSCU) website or the Minnesota private colleges website to get started. Students enrolled in colleges across Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa all qualify for this program.

Agencies may also locate candidates by utilizing social media or by asking coworkers and staff for recommendations.