Innate Health & Resilience Workshops

We understand that life events can be challenging. Situations happen at work, at home and in our personal lives that cause worry, stress, and even anger. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Innate Health and Resilience resides in all of us. Over time and through many life experiences we lose sight of this, believing that the world and everything in it creates our reality. This training uncovers our innate health, resilience, and wisdom.

The 3 Principles of:

  • Mind
  • Thought
  • Consciousness

Understanding The 3 Principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness allows us to navigate our often turbulent world with grace and confidence. We can take control of how we respond to life events and enjoy a smooth ride in a bumpy world.


Mark J Sizer

CEO Mark J. Sizer LLC

Mark started his career as a probation officer in Morrison County. He was the Corrections Administrator for Todd, Wadena, and Stearns Counties. Mark completed his career in county government as the Human Services Administrator for Stearns County with over 40 years of experience in county government. Mark has been deepening his understanding of the Principles of Resilience for the past 20 years and teaching the Principles for the past eight years. He provides this training to government agencies, professional associations, schools, nonprofits, and faith communities.

Melissa Huberty

Human Services Administrator, Stearns County

Prior to her work with Stearns, she worked for six years in Ramsey County and 17 years in Hennepin County. She began her career as a licensed mental health therapist, working with people who have severe and persistent mental illness and substance use disorders. Since 2002 she has worked through progressive leadership positions from supervisor, manager, and division director to her current position as a county administrator. Melissa has been practicing the Principles of Resilience in her various roles and training on the subject for the past few years. Overall, Melissa has 25 years of professional experience working in county government.

Resource Training & Solutions are offering short introductory workshops and long term engagements with organizations wishing to learn about The 3 Principles and how they apply to their work environment, community and personal lives. Each engagement can be customized to the needs of the group with regard to specific content, depth of exploration and duration. Resource is able to provide accommodations to host the event or we are able to provide the workshop at other locations.

For more information or interest in scheduling a workshop please contact: Mark Sizer, County Services Consultant at: (320) 309-8634