Esports with Fenworks

Ages: 13 years old +

Esports is much more than sitting down and playing video games. It’s a social activity that brings students together with common interests and creates a tight-knit, inclusive community. Esports exposes its participants to an abundance of STEM-related skills and topics applicable to career opportunities. The creation of video games is heavily reliant on computer science and graphic rendering processes. Esports relies on technology and the products of software development which are vital pillars of STEM. In-game, players utilize statistics, math, and asset allocation concepts on the fly to form winning strategies. Post-game, players analyze statistics to understand their performance and look for ways to improve their gameplay.

Esports with Fenworks Season:

  • Preseason runs November 28th to December 9th 
  • Regular Season runs from January 9th and is 8 weeks long
  • State Tournament end of March

Esports Informational Meeting with Fenworks:

Watch the recording from the Esports informational meeting with Fenworks from September 14th, 2022.

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