Educational Professionals

Education Support Professionals Conference: The Power of Connection

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

8:45 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.


Registration Deadline

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

This conference is for school staff serving in a paraprofessional or educational assistant role and who support special education, English language learners, or Title I. Learn strategies and practical information to use in your job.

Keynote speaker: Joe Beckman

Human connection MATTERS! However, as our society races toward newer, faster, and more efficient, Human Connection is getting left behind. Based on Beckman's 16 years of experience speaking in schools world-wide, this keynote identifies the key forces that bind a culture of human connection together, and reveals practical ideas on how to reclaim it! Be prepared to LEARN, LAUGH, and be reignited with LOVE for the calling of education!

Conference Schedule

8:15-8:40 Registration, 8:45-9:45 Welcome & Keynote Address, 10-10:45 Session 1,10:55-11:40 Session 2, 11:50-12:20 Lunch & Networking,12:30-1:45 Session 3,1:30-1:45 Closing Comments,1:45-2:45 Closing Address 
About the Presenter
*Use discount code SUMMER19 while registering for an early bird discount of $10 per participant by May 17!Session DescriptionsAnxiety: A Family Affair, by Rebecca ClueverThis workshop will explore current research for children with anxiety disorders. Participants will learn about interventions to help the child and caregiver understand anxiety in their family, interventions to empower the inner strengths of children and caregivers, and learn to create a safe environment for children and caregivers experiencing anxiety. Parents, educators, and other professionals will leave the session better equipped to provide interventions to children with anxiety.The Urgency of Equity: Teaching Students in Poverty, by Tracy ReimerThis engaging session will help participants gain the knowledge and skills needed to recognize and combat the bias and inequity that undermine educational engagement for students experiencing poverty. Principles for educators of students in poverty will be explored and discussed. Participants will be introduced to strategies that will help improve schools, particularly for the most marginalized students. Attendees will be challenged to reflect on their mindset on a continuum of a deficit view to structural view as well as asked to identify historical and subtle inequitable practices in K-12 education. Participants will gain an understanding of equity efforts as complex change.Positive Behavior Support Strategies, by Erin EngressLearn about evidence based behavior supports that can be used in a small group or with individual students. The focus will be on preventative strategies, modeling and reteaching.Resiliency Based Interventions from a Trauma Informed Perspective, by Sheri TeschThis presentation will focus on understanding the impact of trauma and mental health on child functioning and behavior.  You will learn new relationship based strategies to assist children in emotional regulation and building skills to manage the expectations of school.