Catalyst Team: NED Grant Session

Wednesday, August 14, 2024

9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Registration Deadline

Wednesday, July 31, 2024

We highly encourage you to draft your catalyst team this spring and send as many team members to the summer session as possible. Teams should be developed per school, not district. We recommend including (but not limited to): 1 administrator, dean of students (if applicable), 1 school social worker/counselor, and 1 teacher.

NED support for participating schools will include:

  • Establish implementation teams to build capacity for trauma-skilled training, restorative practices, and non-exclusionary discipline policies and procedures.
  • Resource will deliver evidenced based training on Trauma-Informed Systems.
  • Monitor implementation using data, providing technical assistance as needed.
  • Provide a toolbox of non-exclusionary discipline practices that focuses on accountability, restorative practices, and supportive relationships. With a trauma-informed lens, the toolbox will hold tools, strategies, and resources to use with individuals, in classrooms, and for the purpose of community building.
  • Operationalize a facilitated network for participating districts/schools.

This work will benefit Tier 1, 2, and 3 support, foster inclusive and accountable culture, prioritize relationships and accountability, and shift mindsets from reacting to behavior to understanding the behavior - working WITH the student.

Date: August 14th
Time: 9-1

Location: Resource Training & Solutions, 137 23rd St. S., Sartell

CEUs: Educator and Admin CEUs

Who should enroll? Administrators, Dean of Students, Educators, Mental Health Professionals, Teachers

Facilitator: Megan Perry, Regional Social Worker

Cost: The cost of this training is covered by the Non-Exclusionary Discipline Grant from MDE. Fees for this training cover lunch, which cannot be included in the grant.

Full Member: $20/person

Associate Member: This event is open to full members only.

Non-Member: This event is open to full members only.

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